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Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist


Chair massage is a fully clothed massage performed in a chair specifically designed for massage.It's a non-invasive quick and very effective type of massage for the upper body (head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands).  It combines Holistic massage strokes, such as kneading, frictions and some passive stretching techniques working on the muscles, tendons and ligaments and Acupressure on specific points along the meridians of the body.

The set-up is quick and can be done anywhere on-site, indoor or outdoor events as well as private days dedicated to well being.

Treatments are available in 15 or 20 minute sessions

(4 ppl 15min each or 3 ppl 20min each p/h)

Private or Public Events

15 minutes: £15

30 minutes: £25

2/3 hours: £65 p/h

4 hours: £60 p/h

5+ hours: £55 p/h

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