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Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist


Thai Massage is an ancient healing art combining acupressure, reflexology and assisted yoga-like stretches used for the relief of pain and muscle tension, relaxation, and improving flexibility and mobility. The treatment is both deeply relaxing and energising.

Thai Massage does not concentrate on the soft tissue and muscle as in the West but works along energy lines – called Sen Lines.  The massage is aimed at balancing energies throughout the body by working along these lines.

Table Thai Massage is a technique based on Eastern traditions with elements of massage from the West.  Whereas traditional Thai massage is carried out on a futon on the floor, Western  massage is usually performed on the couch. The Eastern and Western massage concepts have been integrated to give a deep but carefully controlled massage that does not compromise client comfort by over-stretching.  It is suitable for all ages and adapts to each individuals natural level of suppleness.

Carried out on a massage table with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothes, the full body massage uses rhythmic palming, thumbing and passive stretches to open joints, relax muscles, gently stretch tendons, tone internal organs, and relieve stress.

Massage price at:

The Lodge: £70 x 1h

Hito Physiotherapy: £79 x 1h


  • Relief of pain and release of muscle tension

  • Enhanced flexibility and range of motion

  • Improved body posture and alignment

  • Increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Lower stress

  • Deep relaxation

  • Boosts energy

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