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Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist




One of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in ages. Cristina was super professional and has a soothing approach. But most importantly, she took time to make sure I was comfortable. She made sure I knew exactly how the session would pan out and I always felt at ease to be able to say if anything was too rough/too light. It wasn’t necessary though - it was bang on. Would highly recommend. 


Project Manager

Cristina’s hands are absolute magic!


I have had so many bad massages that I was almost losing faith I would find someone who knew what they were doing, and who could massage me the way I needed to be massaged. Her knowledge of anatomy is incredible and she takes the time to explain and share her knowledge if you are interested.


She manages to pinpoint specific aches, knots in my back so instantly it appears like a sixth sense or some deep intuition. But really I would just say she has taken the time to master her craft and is exceptional at what she does. I won’t be seeing anyone else for massage now I have found her. I trust her implicitly even with my highly sensitive back trauma.


I honestly can’t recommend her enough and am so blessed to have discovered her”



I had a deep tissue massage with Cristina. Before the massage she sat down and asked me what i wanted support with in particular (lower back). Cristina then went through some of the theory behind targeting tension in the lower back muscles and how the massage would achieve this. She also recommended a range of stretches that i could do to help myself as well. I found this extra insight helpful into managing lower back pain such a nice touch. It was very personalised. The room was also super comfortable, well presented and as a result i felt i could really relax into the massage. 





Project Manger

I was very lucky, a friend recommended Cristina to me. Cristina’s approach is very passionate and thorough, she’s managed to sort out my back pain, I’ve had a few deep tissue massages and it helped to alleviate the pain. Cristina also gave me some stretching tips. The best treatment I’ve ever had. 



What can I say? Having had many massages in the past, I can say that 100% this is the best massage I have received. I booked a deep tissue massage, and I found Cristina to be very sensitive to my needs, finding the root of my issues and massaging until I left after an hour and a half more relaxed than I have been in years.

I couldn't recommend more highly!



Cristina gave me the best deep tissue massage I've ever had! She made me feel comfortable throughout the process, asking me about any problem areas to focus on, and communicating with me through the massage to let me know where she was focusing on and checking in with how I was feeling. I left the massage feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, and would recommend Cristina's magic hands to anyone!


IT Support

Cristina's magic hands can make you (temporarily) forget about all the misery of this world and if like me, you have RSI, about that as well.


Massage Therapist

Cristina has a lovely touch! 

She works deeply and takes care and attention to details.

She worked wonders of my calfs and I felt my legs light and revitalised afterwards

Highly recommend Cristina! 


Event Manager

I had a holistic massage from Cristina a few months ago and it was just what l needed. She used the right amount of pressure and made sure to connect with me that l was feeling happy and comfortable. She is an excellent practitioner and l would recommend her to anyone! 



I asked Cristina to give me a massage due to accumulated stress in my back.I also had a lot of tension in my shoulder and at the very bottom of my back too.The massage was quite intense but also relaxing and never painful.She touched some nods that i wasn't even aware of and gave me a full back massage.By the end of the session i felt much relieved and couldn't feel the pain in my back and shoulder anymore.It was a one off but I'd like to try a treatment sessions with Cristina as i really enjoyed her massage and energy.

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